No more headache to Secure,Wipe and Encrypted Your Data!

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We are solution Resellers who provide customers with support and  issues involving licenses  products to allow customers to purchase best competitive prices directly from us who have the need for compliance encrypted data, firewall and data wipe, that can be easily incorporated into daily life and business.


Data Wipe

BCWipe Total WipeOut, fully compliant, trusted throughout the U.S Defense Community to protect hard drive data by eliminating sensitive information to prevent data leakage and avoid risking sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

Endpoint Encryption Control

Prevents unintended data leaks by protecting any selected files or folders on an active computer, shared workstation or network storage devices. Working seamlessly between Windows, Mac-OS and Linux. Files may be moved to computer or storage media with easy of use, transparently and to access of files.

OnSite Services

We're dedicated to helping you achieve compliance; protecting you, your confidential and proprietary information and your reputation by offering onsite physical destruction of hard drives to permanently destroy your data before it leaves your building(s)

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